The Demonic Collaborative Economy

Collaborative Economics.

Is it good to speculate on the ground? Is it good to attract tourists? Are the tourist apartments, in cities like Barcelona, ​​the cause of the rise in prices? What measures can be taken to address the price increase?

There are many questions that arise in this field. To begin this article, I would like to underline that this is an opinion, not more important, of a person who lives in the first person the factors that have happened. Apart from that, I am a student of Economics at the University of Barcelona. So, let’s begin.

Is it good to speculate on the ground? Of course not. Is it a utopia to end speculation? Yes it is. The basis of every economist, in my opinion, is objectivity. So, what is the most effective way to try to eradicate ”neo-liberal” speculation? As is well known by anyone who has studied the basic goods involved in the economy, the land is an investment with great profitability and in turn, with a great risk. In a country like Spain, it has been abused, as is well known by all. After the devastating crisis, at international level, certain paths are followed to try to surpass it. It is the usual flow of the economy; Economic terms of growth, stability, fall, crisis, recession and restart. One of the alternative paths has been the collaborative economy. The collaborative economy, for the less understood, is about alternative ways of consumption arising from technology and the internet. Examples of this economy, there are many: #BlaBlaCar, #Airbnb, #TripAdvisor, Uber, etc.


Focusing on what belongs to the soil, there are different companies pointed out by institutions to speculate with the soil. It’s really funny, isn’t it? For those formations less knowledgeable in the field, speculation arises from buying and selling, not holiday rentals.

Political measures.

In the city of Barcelona is blamed on tourist apartments for the rise in rental prices. First of all; When the representative of the hotel management heads that protest, from the hand of the people’s party. Supporting the lobbies, it is, at least, curious. The preventive measure, as political power calls it, has been devastating. The increase in the tourist tax. In my view there should be less idiosyncrasy in the subject and more numbers. Gentlemen, Let’s Talk Properly: Instead of raising taxes to people who work and pay their taxes, why not fight against illegality? The problem, dear ones, is not the people that are dedicated to accommodate in tourist apartments to foreigners; But those who do not pay their taxes. A person who profits from putting THEIR(I put it in capital letters to make it clear that it is private property) apartment in Airbnb, it is not a criminal, it is called economy. Every claim creates its offer, as Keynes said.





Making influence in the homes of the politics, why do people lye about Uber, Airbnb, etc. Do not pay taxes? You do not need to have studied the tax law to know what retention means. Any person who profits from an activity, must pay on that benefit (In rent, the following year).

There is something, that more than one will not like, which is called collaborative economy and has come to stay. Are the modern ones against the new consumption routes? Are the most modern supporters of undercover lobbies and oligopolies? These are questions that I leave to your free will.

RuiQuim, June 6, MMXVII

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